Special Application

Custom Mug, Mug Custom Box,
Custom Photo Frame, Photo Frame Gravure,
Custom Photo Album Box, Cutting Laser
Cutting Sticker, Plaque, Signage, etc

In Special Application service, we provide our customers more custom
products such as Acrylic Gravure, Laser Cutting, Printed Mug,
Cutting Sticker which are very useful for Corporate Promotional Campaign.
With this idea, our customer always be able to keep their Brand Image.

Laser Engraver - Trotec Speedy 100™

Custom Box

Frame Gravure

Photo Puzzle

Print Mug

Laser Cutting


Trophy Single

Trophy Double

Acrylic Table Display

Acrylic Table Display

Floor Display

Counter Display

Desk Display

Standee Display

Standee Display

Mouse Pad



ID Card

Desk Calender

Name Desk

Tali ID Card


Mug : List Color

Mug : Color Inside

Mug : Chameleon

Mug Animal

Key Chain

Power Bank

Wall Clock


Ball Point 1

Ball Point 2

Pillow 1

Pillow 2

Variant techniques we produce for some personal products

Our team offers more than 20 years of professional printing experience,
and we'd love to assist you with your custom printed promotional items.
Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need assistance
through the entire process, we’re here for you.

Products of Special Application